Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mystery Objects, No. 2. - Answers

Sorry for the delay, all. Here are the identities of the last round of objects (for those who haven't seen the last round, find them here:

#8: I marveled at this little personality when it came tumbling out of my Special K box one morning - as I was about to post my mystery objects, I thought it was an obvious sign from the breakfast gods. Couldn't bring myself to eat it though - it's now in my studio, awaiting.

#9: Corner bumper from an old suitcase - dragged from the Deer Island Dump in 1996.

#10: One of my early found items - it's the side panel from a champagne corkscrew, circa 1830's. It's one of the objects I think I would have wanted to save intact, but what did I know then??

#11: A fulgurite. This beautiful natural object occurs when lightning strikes sand or soil and fuses the surrounding ground into glass. Peering into the hole, you can think of it as a negative of a lightning bolt. Amazing. More info on fulgurites here.

#12: Good guessing, all - it is indeed a pierced brass cage for a work light, here shown open. I've flirted with making this into goggles since I found it way back.

#13: This is the inner plastic seal from a drink bottle, encrusted with sea life. Found on the beach.

#14: No one got this one. It's a Roman-era horse boss, which is a bronze decoration attached to the animal's harness.

Thanks for playing to those who gave it a whirl, it was very fun.

Lots to post in the coming week - firstly, I'll announce the winner of my upcoming DVD - those who sent me images of their own mystery objects were eligible. Look for that in a few days. Following that, I'll start you on the in-progress journey of my new sculptural object - another series of firsts for me. It's still being made now in my studio, and is coming along well - and is really unlike anything else I've made.




  1. This really was fun! Thanks again for putting these together and I hope you do more sometime.

    Do we get to see all the mystery objects you received??!!?

    The new sculpture sounds very intriguing so I'll just be standing by trying not to be impatient. : )

  2. Yes, I'll post a bunch of the images in a few days...

  3. Wonderful items again Mr Lobue cant wait to test my skills on the next items

  4. ... Oh you're too good - but we already knew that! Bring on the next round please!