Saturday, November 28, 2009

A new DVD in the works

Lest you think I've fallen off the planet, I'd like to announce here that I'm now deep in the process of putting my new DVD together. Untitled as of this writing, it will be a survey and celebration of my non-wearable, sculptural artwork.

The main feature of the disc will be my first-time-available film from 1994, entitled 'The Dying Alchemist', which has been remastered and re-worked, and features incredible music, once again, by the inimitable Guy Klucevsek. It's a spontaneous romp through the making of one of my box sculptures in my studio in Westport, CT, from those early days of my output. It can be seen as the stylistic forerunner of 'Within and Without', the 2003 film I made with my partner Irena, that focussed on making a wearable piece.

There will be several other short film segments that have never before been made public, as well as a set of dynamic moving stills of sculptural work from 1988 to 2009, all cinematically set to music. Travel inside my sculptural work as never before. You can think of it as my website in joyful motion.

I'm having a blast sifting through my massive image archives and pulling out some pearls that are now only known by the people who bought them decades ago.

Below are some sneak-preview stills from 'The Dying Alchemist'.

Check back here for updates on the DVD's progress. Now it's back to work...