Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things heating up as temperature soars

It's a wonder I can do a thing in this ghastly heat. Sydney is a fireball at the moment, and I wilt in summer at the best of times. My kingdom for a snowball...

So, um, what's the logical thing to set up in my studio to beat the oppresive temperatures? Of course, you guessed it - a lampworking station.

This will enable me to work glass marbles and beads into my work. I've played with it whenever I've had the opportunity over the last 10 years, but only now will have it in my studio to explore more deeply.

As you might imagine, my beadwork will be rather untraditional. Thus far I have been at work creating molten 'blobs' filled with bubbles and other textures; these look as if they've been unearthed at Pompeii. My partner Irena and daughter Mira are excited to have a hand at it as well.

I'll post next week when I'll get back into the studio for some new work. Now back into a bathtub full of dry ice.