Monday, November 3, 2014

The Story of a Shadow, in progress.

During the taping of my latest online workshop entitled 'Getting Attached: Rivets Revealed' (to be held again next July, for those who want to join me then), I began this piece in order to demonstrate some creative riveting techniques on film. What resulted is The Story of a Shadow.

I begin the journey with a beautiful century-old Japanese book, to be treated as the vessel and starting point.

After sitting with it for a while, I spot an item in a 'Stuff' box that has been loitering for over two decades in my studio, so patiently waiting its turn. A silver trophy plaque.

Out comes the saw to make it fit the book.

Now the book is hollowed out to make a chamber.

The interior is built with the windows of the plaque in mind...

......and the book is clamped into a block.

The top of a dried pitcher from one of my carnivorous pitcher plants will be removed and used inside the book structure. The delicate ribs are captivating.

Washers are cut out of heavy brass sheet to make rivets that will secure the book shut.

One washer cut and shaped.

As much of this piece was made while being filmed, the body of the piece is completed without further still images.

The chain I decide on is a new one for me, made from heavy square steel wire. It's challenging to work with this wire because of its heavy gauge and the fact that it is half-hardened off the roll.

Hand-polished and ready to mount to the pendant.

Please visit my website to view the finished neckpiece here.

I'll be back in the studio soon for the next work!