Friday, May 28, 2010

Your Mystery Objects - And A Winner!

OK, folks - the post you've been waiting for. Here is a 'best-of' of the images sent to me as a result of my invitation a while back. Thank you to all who took the time to toss some oddball pics my way. It was hard to pick a winner, as you can see by the wild contributions. So here we go...

Cheryl Connell's mystery objects:

Jen Crossley's mysterious receptacle:

Nancy MacBride's whatchamacallits:

Romy Zunde's rusty thingy:

And lastly, some of the best of the many and varied contributions from Steven Russell in Virginia. Steven is the winner of my contest, and not only from the sheer volume of odd objects pictured - there are so many that are truly obscure and beautiful - he's really got an eye for the idiosyncratic.

Congratulations to you, Steven, and to all those who chimed in. If anyone wants to venture some guesses, leave them in the comments and the owners can moderate their own stuff.




  1. Wow! So many cool and beautiful things. The third object in Steven Russell's collection is a stirrup out of an old obstetrical table I think.

  2. I have to be braver (and sneakier about getting it into my studio) about collecting things I can see! Nancy MacBride's things have the most beautiful lines. The only thing I immediately identified was the stirrup. I guess we ladies have seen enough of those, but wow - what a cool object to go off on! Thanks for posting these and sharing.

  3. Congrats Steven you lucky devil,I think Stevens #2 is off an old phone.

  4. These are great!

    I would love to know any web site and/or blog addresses of those who contributed these odd thingies since most names I haven't seen before.

  5. Congratulations to Steven! What a lucky guy. Thank you for posting such an amazing post.

  6. My blog address

    Thanks Keith - great stuff!

    Cheryl Connell

  7. Wow I have been so busy I forgot to check back! Thats awesome I can't wait to see the new DVD. So when would thy DVD be released? Oh, I guess to give some light on the objects posted here goes.

    1. Is a small piece of bronze something or other dating back to the Bactrian empire. It came with a lot of bronze pieces I purchased.

    2. Is a part from an old crank phone

    3. Yes this is a stirrup I laughed when I found the pair.

    4. Is a old Fire grenade with the chemicals still inside. They are rare seeing as they were made to be distroyed. They quit making fire grenades around 1910. When I found it I had to have it.