Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mystery Objects, No. 2.

For answers to the Mystery grouping posted last week, check out the previous entry to this one.

Presenting: a repeat passel of puzzling parts to peruse and postulate upon.

#8: Approx. 1" (3cm)

#9: Approx. 5" (12cm)

#10: Approx. 3" (7.5cm)

#11: Approx. 3" (7.5cm)

#12: Approx. 8" (20cm)

#13: Approx. 2" (4.5cm)

#14: Approx. 2" (4.5cm)

Perhaps a slightly easier grouping than last week... I know a few will be easy to work out. But lovely objects all anyway. Enjoy, and let the guessing/researching/dreaming/puzzling begin.



  1. Oh shall I go first?!?!?

    1) Coral formation
    2) Trunk hardware
    3) Part of a MOP inlay corkscrew knife handle
    4) Lava flow tube
    5) Coral encrusted sunken porthole window frame
    6) Door bell cover

    And yes they are lovely indeed and such fun to guess!

  2. Oh my goodness did I ever screw the numbers up. Sorry!

    Here I go again

    8) Coral formation
    9) Trunk hardware
    10) Part of a MOP inlay corkscrew knife handle
    11) Lava flow tube
    12) Vintage light bulb cover
    13) Coral encrusted sunken porthole window frame
    14) Door bell cover

  3. Easier than last week?
    8. Deformed potato chip
    9. Leather strap attachment for a vintage trunk
    10. Commemorative Champagne corkscrew, knife and cigar cutter.
    11. Small Tafa from Mono Lake
    12. Slaughter house light cover.
    13. Calcium deposits on an old grommet.
    14. Top of a vintage brass door knob

  4. Just stopping by to say that ... You have strange and fantastic things here:)

  5. Hey Keith,Im not meant to do this have deleted my answer three times!!!

    1Rice bubbles clump
    2 hardward
    3 Shaver blade casing
    4 Hose melted in a fire
    5 Light globe covering
    6 Lid from the sea things growing on it
    7 stone wear lid

  6. Perusal and postulation complete, oh Scheming Stuffsmith–––

    #8. This could certainly be some sort of dried natural formation--barnacles? sponge? coral polyps? (but then I don't know coral atoll...). I'm going to guess, however, that its more likely a handmade present from your twins that's been lost among the tools on your workbench--a dirty, crusty Rice Krispy treat??

    #9. A sad little metal moose, clearly petrified...

    #10. Almost certainly a commemorative corkscrew--but who drank the bottles of Cliquot from the gift set?? Sigh...

    #11. Petrified tubifex (sludge worm), very angry about his condition (tubivexed).

    #12. Training bra for a little metal doll... An iron maiden for the iron maiden??

    #13. Petrified guck on purified water bottle cap, now putrefied.

    #14. Gilded operculum (front door) of an enormous Australian snail? Nah. It's one of a set, I hope, of metal pasties used by the aforementioned little doll after she'd consumed waaaay too much champagne (of all the veuve!)...

  7. Come on Keith Put us out od our misery LOL