Monday, December 15, 2008

Studio-Rama #1

Here was my starting point - an empty Sterno can for keeping food warm. This is what the can looked like about three days ago, before crushing it. It was just the crushed can when I started yesterday morning.

My bench at this stage.

Laying in the imagery that would form the background (a color lithograph from about 1880). I thinned the paper down significantly, so when I poured epoxy resin in, it would become very indistinct. That's a bead of labradorite.

The epoxy poured, objects added in (including the title, 'Sensations'), Victorian glass over the top, and here, clamped to set.

The chamber at this point. Notice how dislocated the face has become. Love that. Many people wouldn't even see the face now, but someone studying the piece close-up would see an eye, and the whole thing would change.

Building a set of bars to cage the glass in.

The cage, ready to be attached through the side panels of the tin can.

The piece as the day finished. Off to finish it (hopefully) today..


  1. Woow, what beautiful artworks! Great!
    I like yor blog very much, many greetings...

  2. this leaves me awe... once again~ xo

  3. Thank you for showing us your creative process,it amazing to watch what you start with and what you make it in to

  4. Wow Keith, another fabulous piece. When I saw the can in the first photo, I had no idea that it would end up the way it has. It's great that you share the process, very inspiring.

  5. Fabulous! I love that you let us in on your vision as it progressed. And what an out come! inspiring.

  6. Hiya Keith!

    I've put a link to your blog on mine and will be watching with great interest as your unique and fascinating mind progresses on its creative journey. Thank you for sharing.

    Since working with you in Rockhampton last year much has changed in terms of my own path of making things. I'm looking forward to doing a wire workshop with you at some stage as well.

    Looking on with great interest...


  7. Wonderful! I'm thrilled that you have a blog and so appreciative of your generosity.

  8. Thank you, Keith, for an "up close & personal" look into your creative process! Inspired by your postings, I brought home two large boxes of dirty (but very curious) electrical components from a flea market trip today.
    Happy Holidays from Pennsylvania to you & your family Down Under!

  9. Awesome! I was mesmerized by the process!