Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Few Examples

For a vast gallery of my work, visit my website.


  1. Many, many thanks to all those who shouted out from my first post! I'm excited to be embarking on this project. Of course, I'd always love and appreciate your input and ideas on what you'd like to see on these pages.


  2. Hm My input on your blog what I would like to see hm its a toss up between
    1.kilt cam and those legs or
    2.more art work
    hm Okay more art work wins only just though

  3. I agree with Jen, we've seen the legs, magnificent as they are, but I do love seeing the art. So glad you have a blog so we can keep inspired.

  4. welcome to blogland, keith - next up is for you to get on Facebook (if you aren't already!) the website looks great.

  5. kilt cam for sure...I loooove that idea ;) for real though...a livestream would bring you over the top!

    Would love to read your collection of poems that you read in class~

    Stories behind the pieces that you create would be wonderful~

    Link love in the sidebar, of your most secret places you like to visit or buy, if you are willing to share with us ;)

    Schedules of your upocoming events~

    and of course, most important.. photos of your precious art & maybe where they are now~

    xo ~Bella

    I forsee typepad in your future ;)

  6. I agree with Izabella's request for the stories behind the pieces. Also if you could share the starting object or inspiration piece of a completed item. (For example on Within and Without you start by showing the viewers that you are beginning with a victorian doorknob plate.) It would be fun to know what your jumping off point was for each completed item. Or if you wanted to share favorite bits and pieces in your studio, fabulous finds, etc... It's all goood!

  7. I would like to see all of what Izabella wnats to see.....especially the poems you read in the Wrapt in Rocky class and ....oh..... .if you are willing to share some of you're favorite places for your 'finds', that would be lovely. Also some more of your fav music...
    Peta :-))

  8. Thanks all! I appreciate the comments on what you'd like to see. I'm readying images of a piece I'm working on now in the studio. Should be up later today.

    Peta, as to the music, I will be starting a music blog in the next few months, for rare and out-of-print music of all stripes...