Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stuffsmith: Now Electrified!

 I'm thrilled to announce the digital publication of my new e-book: STUFFSMITH: The Found-Object Artwork of Keith Lo Bue, Volume One. This 350+ page tome compiles every post on this blog chronologically from its inception in 2008 to last week, then fleshes it all out with hi-res images of the finished pieces worked on here, plus several shots of my studio never before published. 

Perhaps best of all, this huge chronicle only costs $7!

The e-book is in the PDF format, and can be viewed on any computer, plus iPads and such. In fact, if you order and have a different brand of e-book reader that won't read PDF's, I'll convert it to the proper format for you at no charge.

It might just be the coolest thing to bring on that next road-trip!

You can ORDER HERE and I'll email you your own link to download.

Thank you, from the heart, for supporting two years of one of the most rewarding long-term projects I've embarked on. Here's to many more years of smithing stuff here for you!


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