Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Work: A Quick Peek...

I'm packing for my pilgrimage to the great frozen North (well, Texas is north to me!).  I'll be teaching a whole series of workshops in Houston next week, followed by three days of classes in lovely Fort Collins, CO and finishing with a special 3-day masterclass (and more) in San Diego.  I'll be sure to post up some workshop doings during my trip on my other blog, so keep checking in at The Stuffsmith Times for that.

Until then, here are some images of brand-new work that I'll have with me for viewing and purchasing at the workshop venues. Aside from my website, this has been the only opportunity for the public to buy my work and get it in their hands, where, as you can imagine, it is a different experience altogether from static photos.

So, hot off the bench:

Tin can, waxed linen thread, fused glass, mica, 17th-century Korean kozo paper, steel wire, paper, text, soil.


'EarThings' are a new line of unaltered objects to wear, from my personal stash of found objects. Continuing on from my screw-head earrings, these are all one-off's, sold as single earrings. Bus, train & tram tokens, buttons, tacks, and whatever may float across my bench - all with their original patina of age intact. All these pictured and more will be with me on this trip. Any that return unsold will be available via my website, at $35 each (+ shipping).

Brooch: untitled (fork & tie)
Victorian fork, upholstery tack, waxed linen thread, fused glass, steel wire, dichroic glass, paper, paint.

Neckpiece (two-sided): THE SPREADING GLOW. / Histoire des Martyrs.
Bundt cake mold, steel wire, starfish, sterling silver, 16th-, 17th- and 19th-century papers and currency, resin, ivory game piece, markasite, peridot, 19th-century eyeglass lens, rope, brass filings, paper, leather, text, soil. 





Brooch: No. 49  Antique spoon, Roman bronze artifact, copper, waxed-linen thread, fused glass, fresh-water pearls, paper, text.

Hope you enjoyed these. Come see them in the flesh!

I also want to thank those who've checked out the e-book I made from this blog - the response has been unreal.



  1. Wonderful stuff. Enjoy your trip (in the cold...) Have just downloaded your book and it is fabulous. Thanks, Carol