Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thomas Mann & Keith Lo Bue: Found to Finished

A few hours have passed since wrapping up my premiere workshop taught in conjunction with metalsmith Thomas Mann. We found that our working methods dovetailed remarkably, and I think the students got an unusual opportunity to sample from two very different perspectives in making objects. Thanks to all the participants, who made truly outstanding work - congrats to you all!

Plans are already hatched to continue the collaboration. Stay tuned...



  1. sounds like a cool collaboration i wish i could have been there.

  2. ... wish I'd been there too ... what a genius combination ... inspiration overload ;)

  3. That's so great! I loved seeing things that people made from that class. I wish I had been there too!

    Catherine Witherell

  4. Wish I could have stayed on for this workshop Keith. The one that I did attend with you was all and more than I had hoped. Thank you for your generosity and creativity and for all those tips!!!

  5. You're welcome, Seth - it was great to meet you even if briefly.

    All of you may have another opportunity to take the class with Thomas and myself, as we are planning to repeat the experience next year - in Connecticut and possibly elsewhere.

  6. Keith looks like you had an amazing time I so wish I could be there with you and Thomas Mann bring him down under I say

  7. That picture of you and Thomas is wonderful! Hope the rest of your trip was wonderful. Sal will be back in the States Monday. See you in October!

  8. Take it, take it, take it!

    I was lucky enough to be there. :) See you in October!


    ps not sure my facebook link will work, haven't got a website

    ps totally off the subject, Keith - I just discovered this cool singer: