Friday, February 26, 2010

Delusions, Excursions and Podcasts

(photo: Hugh Hamilton)

I'm off tomorrow for a month of teaching around the US. Sorry for the quiet 'round these parts, but traveling as much as I have has limited my studio time to a trickle. I'll be hitting the ground running in April, however, readying work for my first solo exhibition in Australia (!), entitled "Why the Wind Blows and Other Popular Delusions" which opens in mid-July in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

In the meantime, pop over here to the Craftcast website to listen to a podcast interview with me that just got posted.

Be sure to leave a comment over there if you feel so inclined.

Bye for now!



  1. Have Fun Keith I know your students will.
    Great photo as well

  2. Hey Keith,

    Byron was asking about you recently. We borrowed this book from the library and he thought that you might like it! ;)

    another one you might like.

    Please keep us posted about the exhibition in Hervey Bay. We would love to make the trip to see it. If you are able can you email me the details so I can spread the word?

    Nerida Tupas (Byron's Mum)