Wednesday, January 22, 2014

LIFE'S RECORD, In Progress, Part 2.

Last time we sat down together I was ready to create a wooden body for the inside of the fork's 'bowl.'

Getting roughed out.

A large hole is marked and two points where I will recess the wood so the fork will 'set' some dichroic glass beads I'd like to use.

After that is prepped, I mark out where I'll be able to peek through the fork tines.

Now turning back to the fork, I create lateral piercings to accommodate two more of Mira's teeth.

These teeth are set in place as well as the glass beads.

The wood is now painted a deep brown.

My hope here is to build a chamber that will contain several more of my daughter's teeth, while having an active rear view. This lens with plated brass housing is almost pitched back in the pile when I spot an uncanny fit that keeps it in play:

This small pocket watch face slots inside the lens assembly as if it were made for it.

Now the fitting is ground down save for three small tabs which will prong into the wood body.

The lens fitting is sealed to make it watertight, and a beautiful 1860's color lithograph becomes the face of the face, as it were.

A nest of teeth are affixed in place with resin. They will next be completely encased in the resin once all elements are together and ready.

One of my resin lenses is made for the hole in the fork, and sea urchin spines are arrayed around it. These spines will share the resin bath with the teeth.

A last minute decision is made - as the resin is setting in the lens fitting, I apply pressure the center of the crystal, shattering it, but the lens remains in place.

Next an engraving is selected that will peer out from the fork's tines.

The hands, holding a mask, become the image surrounding the watch face on the back of the piece.


An inscription is made and tiny opal set...


...and keys are riveted to some beautiful antique green elastic cord.


My wild-card choice is to use waxed linen thread between the pendant and cord. This last shot of color and texture finishes the piece out.

To view the finished piece and to see Mira enjoying it:

See you next week for a piece that, even by my standards, is over the top!



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  1. Superb! Keith, your Mira is a lucky young woman to have such a talented family. Happy birthday Mira!