Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CANTO I. In-Progress, Part 1

Hello and glad to be back in the step-by-step mode of bringing you with me into a new piece.

The kick-off is this miniscule Victorian wooden hand mirror, most likely made as a doll's accessory. I've been nurturing this object for a long time and its time has finally come.

I love the upside-down orientation, so that's where my instinct starts me.

Time to remove the mirror.

 Now I'm setting about cutting a small hole in the bottom of the handle and making a glass lens to fit.

This glass was melted in my kiln and will now be used as the lens.

 Cut down, tapered...

...and polished.

My next major element is brought in - a 1940's brass coaster with the glass center removed. I cut the ring to enable me to shape it.

After deciding to form-fit the coaster brass to the mirror, I set to work.

So far, so good. Slow work.


The forming finished and soldered together, I can now turn to working out how to further modify and join them.

I'm going to make tabs that will fold around the wooden mirror, which will also serve to greatly reduce the depth of the piece.


Roughed out and ready to be finessed. At this point I'm thinking about hanging possibilities, while it's still in a rough state.


This fantastic steel-and-brass scissor handle is cut down and will make a perfect asymmetrical top to the pendant.


The right side chain is anchored to the brass body. The form is really taking discernable shape.

Join me next week to see where I'll take it. Comments are welcome!





  1. Impressive....all of it :) Thanks for sharing your process...

  2. Can't wait to see where you are taking us next with this narrative Keith.

  3. You are amazing, Keith! Such an eye for detail and the ability to see the possibilities in just about everything.

  4. I really enjoy getting to witness where your muse takes you. Each journey is like a mini-vacation of inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to pause and document your process. The intentional sharing is a real joy.

  5. Thank you, each one - it's lovely to think there are compaƱieros over my shoulder as I go!

  6. Aye yi yi, mi maestro, what a treat. This one will be glorious! (Priscilla in Seattle where we have the Pineapple Express for the Holidays)

  7. I love your step by step Keith. Amazing work as usual!

  8. sensational cant wait to see what you come up with in the next stage

  9. Each time I read your blog I just shake my head at how you are able to continually inspire me! Thank you!! oxox!