Sunday, April 1, 2012

The New Year: Happy, yes. New, not.

Hard to believe it's been a quarter year since posting. 

Good Heavens. 

The reasons for this, however lame, are valid. I have been away teaching workshops in Queensland (see below) and Victoria; I was tutored by a master moldmaker in the labyrinthine ways of casting and molding; I've been frantically productive in my own workshop honing my own experience in this area; I've been producing commissioned work, so I haven't been able to post in-progress images of the work lest it be seen by the client before it was ready; I've been preparing to film my new online workshop which premieres in July: STEELING BEAUTY: Forms, Chains & Clasps in Steel Wire.

So there.

All that said, I miss posting here very sorely. So, beginning tomorrow, I'll be posting my first in-progress shots of the year - starting with - what else? - an oyster-shucking knife!





  1. Glad to hear you have been having a fun, busy time - lovely to see you back here too! Nice 'fish-eye' app ... Looking forward to progress pics - I love the "ta-daaah" taht comes at the end!

  2. Wonderful photo Keith! Is it an app?

  3. Yes, Carol - it's for the iPhone: '360 Panorama'...