Sunday, December 4, 2011

ANDANTE, In-progress, Part 1.

Hello all and welcome to my first blog post in - well - seems forever. I'd like to show an incomplete but interesting set of images showing my new ring, entitled ANDANTE, coming together.

I had started the ring while on the road teaching - in Connecticut, to be precise. So there are no images of me beginning the alteration to the handle. I drill holes around the perimeter with the plan to lash down a porcelain doll head I bought on the trip. 

I am really enjoying extending the cup ring series, as it pushes me to treat each similar cup fragment in a totally unique way. Previous rings using this base element are Dissection of a Coquette's Heart (2004) and The Odalisque (2011).  

After drilling holes around the base of the doll's neck, I set about creating a webbing of waxed-linen thread around her head.

 Now, back in the studio in Sydney, I can resume work. The title is chosen for the piece and inscribed along the broken edge of the cup, to be engraved.

 After engraving, it is painted with dark umber paint and then sanded back.

 This brings the contrast and texture up.

 I go through several iterations of lashing patterns to discover the best one. Here, working out the order of passes.

Now a series of white antique cotton threads are passed up through the cup (anchored by this freshwater pearl)...

...and then through the hollow of the doll head and out through a hole drilled in the top of the head, to be utilized later.

Heavy waxed-linen thread is chosen for the rear anchoring and the attachment begins.

 Slow going, but coming together.

 Three more freshwater pearls are caged inside the hollow form, able to roll around but contained.

 As it works its way around, tweezers are the only way to keep going.

She reclines, ready for the front lashing and my inspired method to finish it off.

Next week!




  1. Awesome as always Keith Cant wait to see the next installment.

  2. Fascinating seeing the processes involved.

  3. This may be (becoming) my favorite LoBue piece yet! Brilliant to use linen for the hair AND the connection. Holding my breath 'til next week!

  4. Love the head cover! The cord really ties it all together. - ok bad pun. Love it. Thanks for sharing with all of us : )

  5. Thanks for sharing this great new piece. Your lashing work around the head is amazing. Glad you are back in the saddle! Looking forward to seeing how you finish it off.