Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look Above - in progress, Part One.

Apologies for the month-long absence here... I'm only hours back from my US workshop tour. Let's jump back into it. Here's my latest commissioned neckpiece as it comes together.

Launching off with a small decorative plywood ornament from a visit to Home Depot, I saw it down and shape an animal trap part to lay over it.

Weathered and stained. A tube rivet has been finished on the left side and the hole drilled for the right.

The color is now more harmonious between the elements.

Panels of dyed paua shell are laid in and the middle cradle 'V' shape will house a beautiful little piece of brain-like coral found in Hervey Bay a few months back.

 Like so.

 Searching for a suitable backing, I cut and modify one of a set of four hand-carved folk-art coasters from the 1930's, seen here as a spike of red and wooden texture sprouting up in a triangle at the top.

The coaster being shaped...

 ...and anchored together.
Now time to design a brass scaffolding to prong-set the piece and give it its exterior structure. I'm working on a copy image of the assembly - this allows me to experiment with possible shapes. The next several images show the drawing developing around the object.

Tightening up the drawing onto some tracing paper.

 A signature plate is etched and formed from copper and will rivet to the brass backing.

 The drawing ready to be executed in heavy brass.

Piercing the forms.

It's starting to look like something. I love this part of the process.

The sawing finished, I can turn to shaping and finishing the brass.

A heavy texture is applied.

 Ready to receive the signature plate.

The elements have a meeting.

Next week, the piece brought right to finish.



  1. This looks really beautiful so far. I'm very much looking forward to the finished piece :)

  2. Keith, watching your making process always gets me all fired up and wanting to head to my work bench. Looking forward to the next steps. Thanks!

  3. Keith you amaze me the way you cut such intricate patterns out of metal. Another masterpiece in the making!

  4. I love being able to see the process. It makes a beautiful piece even more exciting. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Keith I so love seeing the steps your amazing artwork takes,you are indeed a true craftsman,and I thank you for sharing it with us all.
    Take care

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your processes with us. You are an inspiration!

  7. Looking forward to next week's instalment!