Friday, July 30, 2010

Kids Attack Found Objects in Hervey Bay

Before I jaunt off to the US to teach next week, I thought I'd post up the brilliant work done by an enthusiastic group of fifteen 8 to 14-year-old's up at the gallery where my exhibition is taking place. Called the 'Mudskipper's workshop', the kids were challenged, in the two-hour class, to use their own ingenuity to cobble the piles of junk in front of each of them into something interesting.  Without glue.

Check out what went down. (Click on images to enlarge them)

A few mums stayed and got their hands dirty as well.

Serious concentration.

A spaceship, complete with control keyboard, takes shape. Check out the smart use of electrical tape.
My oldest daughter Mira, right, finds a new buddy.

No timid moves here - it's unchecked creativity at work.

Decisions, decisions.

An impromptu exhibition was set up on a table so we could all admire the handiwork.

Puppet, with stand and pet!

A house for secrets.

A portrait in sheep spine, of her dad, apparently - are my eyes really that screwy?

A beautiful assembly of fresh plants, which can be replaced at will.

A hanging garden of treasures.

The amazing flying lion!

A complex little contraption.

A gorgeous little viewing portal and treasure trove.

The spaceship - that's a steering wheel and hubcap put to really good use.

A beautiful and sensitive fish sculpture.
An intimate Pandora's box.

This catapult shoots something long and thin that I can't remember - was it pick-up sticks or knitting needles? Don't try this at home!

A lovely display of tiny sculptures - what a set.

The Hervey Bay Artists Gang, in da house. Congrats to them all!
I'd encourage any of the artists above to post down below and let us know which one you did.
See you soon,


  1. Absolutely wonderful creative and inspirational work!!Congratulations to each and every one of you! Keith, I'm thinking that this would have been one fun workshop!
    Have a fantabulous time teaching in the states. Peta

  2. Incredible stuff. You certainly got the very best out of them: a tough thing to do! I've never worked with young people in this age group but now I think that it might be fun to try.

  3. I think this is absoulutely timely in their lives! What a wonderful idea. I think you've found a new venue for your teaching. I would bet you could get very busy in the states in the summer (errr your winter)for camps. I know one set of parents in Santa Barbara that I bet would help set something up or point you in the right direction. Thanks from the planet.

  4. How Fab!! some great doubt a fun time had by all :)

  5. Hey Keith,

    This looks like so much fun.
    Each piece has such verve,

    Hope your travels take you to friendly, happy places and you return to your loved ones soon.

  6. This looks like sooo much fun! I believe both the kids and the planet will be thanking you... :) Safe travels.

  7. Its so wonderful to see our future taking interest in this art form .It is Thanks to people like you that encourage such growth in our children.

  8. What a wonderful experience for these kids !
    They all did a great job, I LOVE the flying lion!